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    Although it has been around for years, offsite data storage is gaining popularity lately. More-and-more individuals and businesses are opting to store their backup data at an offsite location. Statistics also indicate that people are going for third-party service providers instead of owning or running the offsite storage facility. This is seen as a more viable and safer option. However, many people find it challenging to locate the right service or third party. Many are worried about the accessibility of the documents, security of records, cost and much more. The following are some important questions to ask when searching for the appropriate service:

    What Methods Are Used To Store The Data?

    Offsite Data Storage also known as vaulting is quite diverse and is comprised of many strategies. The effectiveness of each method of backing up data is influenced by several aspects. These include type of data, individual preference, preferred mode of access, cost and much more. Common methods include storing the data in physical format, optical format, magnetic tapes, digital format and more. One of the most preferred methods is electronic vaulting or simply e-vaulting. The data is stored in digital format and can be accessed easily online. It also requires minimal space compared to storing physical documents or records.

    Are the Methods Safe and Secure?

    Security plays a vital role in choosing offsite data storage services. A customer or client wants to be guaranteed of safety of the documents that are being held at a different location. Safety of records has become a major concern following the increasing cases of data manipulation, identity theft, cyber attacks and much more. A reliable third party providing the service invests in high-tech storage facilities that deter unauthorised people or are tamperproof. These include use of vaults that are resistant to fire, tampering, water, earthquake and more. Good systems also employ effective firewalls, encrypted SSL, and require use of complex passwords.

    Is The Offsite Location Easily Accessible?

    Safe and secure data storage is more than just protecting the documents or records from the wrong hands. It also involves using methods that are easy and convenient to the authorised person. The owner of the data should have quick access to the data whenever he wants. Electronic vaulting is viewed as the one of the most secure of storing data offsite that is also easily accessible. An authorised individual only needs to use the right password to access the information. This can be done from virtually anywhere and at any time.

    By following the above guidelines it becomes much easier to locate a good third party service provider. There are a number of advantages that come with storing backup data at an offsite location. One, a business is assured of safety of sensitive records. Two, risk of losing valuable information in the event of a fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake or any other catastrophe is minimised. Three, the company can divert the resources that would have been used for data backup to other income generating activities. Four, Disaster Recovery becomes easier. To enjoy the best offsite data storage service it is highly recommended to deal with a skilled and trustworthy firm.

    • vicky 9:27 am on May 11, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I’ve found that in most cases, its best to get a professional records management company to look after archives. Most of the companies I advise on operational matters like this tend to end up benefiting from reduced archiving costs and a much higher level of security, both from the treat of lax security procedures and warehousing security ( climate controlled / pest prevention etc etc). I mostly advice businesses in Northern Ireland to go for a local Belfast Records Management company like oasis group . As they have strict security and procedures.
      Companies like this use industry standard software like Total Recall which helps to ensure the safety of your archive and that it can be returned to you quickly and efficiently when needed.

    • derek 9:49 am on May 11, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Hi Vicky, Long time no see! I just caught your comment there and thought I’d share with the group what to look for in a Electronic Records Management System. Wiki has a great place to start.

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    Dealing with government document storage protocols 

    Several government organisations use several applications to manage the records of their employees, vendor and customer files, records of operations, work orders along with R&D and regulatory documents. They use these applications for document storage and retrieval for government to keep them safe and easily accessible to retrieve them any time for making future decisions or responding to the public queries.

    government-document-storageThe government documents and information once stored on the digital document management system of the government can be retrieved any time and any day as they are available online 24×7. You can retrieve government documents anywhere in the world depending on your accessibility authority and the settings of the system. So if your employees are working from home or you have your offices at several places in the world then you can easily access the documents stored by the central office of the government of your country. These storage and retrieval facilities for government documents greatly help in improving productivity without compromising on their safety.

    Several agencies are authorised to offer storage and retrieval services for the government documents by using appropriate software for this purpose. They help in capturing, indexing, storing and retrieving all types of government paper and electronic documents including scanned documents and emails. Some of them offer various solutions to manage all the public documents received through subscription based off-site repository or from a single on-premise source. Any competent person can instantly retrieve these documents by taking care of their security and search criteria. These agencies allow the users of government documents to quickly and easily retrieve their electronic files after fulfilling the compliance requirements of the government for the security of the stored documents and log activities.

    While storing documents for government these agencies capture and index all types of the documents, paper and electronic, without disturbing their routine flow of work. Key information including name, number and type of the document along with date of transaction and other customary information is clearly displayed on each document so that they can be traced and retrieved easily and quickly whenever required. They also allow you to use full text content of the file to identify and retrieve any document. They also help in managing security of the files in various formats like PDF files, MS Office files and emails during their retrieval.

    They take care of the security of the government documents by not allowing everyone to see these documents. If the files required by you are stored under the strict privacy regulation of the government or the files are extremely sensitive then these agencies are responsible to ensure that you are the right person to see them.

    Along with the security of the documents the agencies also have to consider who can access those documents for retrieval. The person eligible to retrieve these documents must have permission of instantaneous access to them.

    Thus the document storage and retrieval for government can be made effectively and safely by using various types of applications offered by various reliable agencies.

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