Our Story

A few years back we realized that businesses were getting overwhelmed by the huge quantity of data. This was making management of documents an uphill task. A lot of time was used in filing and storing the records. Also, cases of lost or misplaced documents were on the rise. To us the best solution was Network Storage. The idea was to hold the documents in digital or electronic format that could be integrated with the network in a company. Instead of accessing the physical document a user only needed to access a shared file-based storage. This simple idea led to the birth of one of the leading storage network solution providers in the region.


 Our Mission

Our mission as a company is to see every business effectively and securely manage its documents. Record or document management doesn’t have to be a tedious prospective. It also shouldn’t consume lots of effort and time that could be put in better use in other sectors. When starting the company our aim was to close a loophole that was affecting the productivity, efficiency, and profitability of many businesses. Network Storage solutions make file retrieval, storage and sharing simple and straight forward. It also improves convenience since the storage system is applicable across board and can be used by any department in the company.


Our Network Storage Solution

We offer a wide range of document storage solutions that rely on the company network. We start by analysing the kind of documents a business has and the problems the business is facing. The next step is outlining the best course of action which entails converting the physical documents into electronic or digital format. We accomplish this through document scanning. The file-based storage devices are then linked to the network system which can be the normal Ethernet connection or any other. The files or documents are accessed through network nodes by any authorised person, and can be retrieved or shared from any location and at any time.


Discussion topics: access speed, security, efficiency and management, Direct Attached Storage, Storage Area Network, Network Attached Storage and more. Our desire as a group is to help you effectively manage data by providing you with the best Network Storage solutions.